It’s a dog’s life on Tregirls

The oceanic panarama at Tregirls’ changes all the time. This half mile stretch of sand from St.George’s Well to Harbour Cove, washed by the Atlantic and patterned with a patchwork imprint of thousands of webbed feet, changes from one hour to the next. What may begin as a maelstrom of north westerlies pounding thunderous waves upon Pentire Point can, in the time it takes to follow the track up to the shelter of Chapel Stile, be transformed into a scene of lapis tranquility. To quote myself on such a day many years past – it doesn’t get any better.

Of this changing vista our friend Sonia says “if you don’t like the weather,  just wait 20 minutes and it’ll change.” And she knows this stretch better than most. 

Within this shifting natural world, where the dunes slip and slide and the rock faces crumble and one day the sand is littered with driftwood and seaweed and hunks of coal the next the only constant unchanging element are the dog walkers. Come rain or shine, hail storm or summer breeze, these sturdy walkers and their loyal, happy, and over indulged four legged friends are there. If you want to know what true friendship is all about you should join them.

Some  arrive early while breakfast is still being served. They emerge from the thicket at the foot of Lellizick or from down past the cabbages and cauliflowers on Tregirls Farm, accompanied by the peeping of circling a buzzard. Others make the trek up from Padstow and those with stout footwear may tackle Trig Troll for the breathtaking view that rewards them at the spot where the rutted track falls away to the old stone stile.

Such a hardy bunch. Tregirls just wouldn’t be Tregirls without them.

appearing in the order in which they were photographed

Mike with Maggie and May

Suzie with Brion and Clodagh


Kim and Ziggy


kim and asta 2

Kim with Asta

Wendy and Betsy


Chris and Jim and Charlie


Dave with Hugo


Cath and Socks


Paul and airborne Kinga


Steve with Willow

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