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A good day for Tilly

Little Tilly will never know how close she came to never enjoying another beach walk. Today, September 4, 2017, was to have been the Staffordshire Bull Terrier’s last. No more runs on Harbour Cove with Asta, her jaws clenched ever … Continue reading

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Asta and Judgement Day

It’s generally inadvisable to loose temper with a man of the cloth. The ramifications could go on for, well, a very long time. Of course I knew of the local vicar, the one who oversees much of community life around … Continue reading

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A Very Special Dog

Tashi Delek, the most photographed Airedale Terrier in Cornwall, died peacefully on the settee, in the living room of her home in Padstow.Tashi, or Tash, or Snoo as she was known to Kim and myself was born in Grantham. She was … Continue reading

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do dogs dream?

Tashi Delek isn’t very old, she’ll be 12 this coming June, but that’s a good age for an Airedale Terrier, or any big dog, and she’s beginning to show her age. She is in pretty good shape, maybe a bit … Continue reading

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