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Dispatches to Sir Kev 28.01.2015 – bone idle

Dear Sir Kev, Sincere apologies for not writing sooner. I have no excuses, such as too much HSD (that’s beer), or I’ve been worked off my feet, or there’s no internet here in the south west, or even – nothing … Continue reading

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shut up and don’t think

Some things you never forget. Like riding a bicycle, or mixing the perfect vodka martini. It’s the same with Transcendental Meditation, TM for short; the simplest and most effective way I know for, well for lack of a better description, … Continue reading

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Dispatches to Sir Kev 15.6.14 – Dressing The Part

Journalists likes to think they have the power to influence. It’s part of the appeal of the job; mass coercion. Shaping opinion goes with the territory, and by and large readers keep to their side of the bargain. It’s why … Continue reading

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Kid’s Stuff

  You want to know the worst thing about the roller-coasters in Disneyland? No, it’s not the white knuckle twists and high velocity turns, or the stomach wrenching plunges into an abyss. It’s the banks of photo screens as you … Continue reading

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Dispatches to Sir Kev 21.04.14

Dear Sir Kev, I hope you won’t object but I thought of you the other day as a peloton of rangy cyclists in brightly coloured branded Lycra wear sped past the house where I was spending the Easter weekend. And … Continue reading

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Nantucket – The Heart Of The Sea

Nantucket’s Jared Coffin House isn’t as macabre as it sounds. The red brick Georgian hotel, the oldest on the island, has white door columns and dark green louvered windows. It stands at the top of Broad Street, a reminder of … Continue reading

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Dispatches to Sir Kev from Nashville Boot City 30.11.13

Dear Sir Kev, As a man profoundly wedded to the concept of wearing – wherever in the world – the appropriate garb (a guayabera in Cuba, a safari suit in Kenya, lots of brown in Norway) you can imagine my … Continue reading

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