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Hello, I’m Seamus – give me your money

  I’m not unique. We’ve all been there. The phone rings and a voice introduces themself as Andy, or John: One insisted to me his name was Seamus without so much of a hint of an Irish accent; although perhaps … Continue reading

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Dancing to the tune of Clarks

I’ve just bought a pair of Clarks shoes. There, I thought I’d spit it out fast rather than get to the bald, some might say shocking truth via some prevaricating yarn. In fact, I’ll be more specific. They are Raspin … Continue reading

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Dispatches to Sir Kev 15.6.14 – Dressing The Part

Journalists likes to think they have the power to influence. It’s part of the appeal of the job; mass coercion. Shaping opinion goes with the territory, and by and large readers keep to their side of the bargain. It’s why … Continue reading

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Ahem – The Age of Fashion

London Collections: Men brought a touch of elegance to an otherwise damp start to the New Year, and in their quiet, English, tweedy, home counties ways, both Hackett and Ted Baker  reset the fashion bar. Jeremy Hackett is a charming … Continue reading

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The Shirt That Fits

Some years ago Kim, a deft touch with a needle and thread, made me a shirt for Christmas. For a pattern she used a shirt – on it’s last legs, sort of. The replacement was lovely; a rich tangerine silk, with … Continue reading

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J.Simons – The American Way

The mark of a truly great shop is the way in which the staff know, almost telepathically, what you want, even before you do. And I’m not talking about those algorithms used by iTunes that seem to think my next … Continue reading

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Hooray for Hornets

I confess to being a textbook male shopper: In as much as nine times out of ten I will put off buying clothes until the last minute, and then walk away with the first the thing I try on, in … Continue reading

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